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Additional support offerings from YottaServers

Whether you require additional support or need specialized expertise, additional support from YottaServers will fulfil your needs. We offer comprehensive SQL support, and offer our technical expertise at a reasonable billable rate.

Addon Name Description Cost
Additional Service Monitors Never wonder if your service is running. Monitor one additional service. $1/month, per monitor
Additional SQL Support Extra assistance with your MySQL, MariaDB or PostGreSQL installs, optimizing databases and doing general SQL maintenance. Includes additional SQL monitoring. $35/month
Customer Non-prepaid Support Normal support charge when you are out of your monthly support allotments $100/hour
Break/fix technical support We offer our professional services to those who need them – no support contract required. $135/hour
Managed Backups We recommend daily and weekly backups. Backups are charged by the Gigabyte and you are allowed to backup up to 1tb (1024GB) on shared backup servers. After that you must obtain your own backup server. $0.50/month, per GB
Rollover Server Support Time [Server] Enables you to rollover any unused support time on one of your servers from the previous month to next month’s available support time. This addon only rolls over the previous month’s support time and does not stack. $35/month
Customer-Wide Support This is a set of support hours that you can use on any server that you have with us. This way if you run out of support time on one of your servers you can use support time from your global customer-wide support pool that you create with this addon to finish any additional work. $75/hour per month
Rollover Server Support Time [Customer] The same as the server rollover addon, except it works on any Customer-Wide support time that you may have. $35/month

You can add any one of these addons to your account via a custom order or via your support/billing area login. These addons can also be part of a Premium Support package. You can find out more about Premium Support via the link on the left side of the page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know via our Contact Us page.

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