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About YottaServers

About YottaServers

We seek to offer dedicated and virtual servers, colocation services, and technical support to the people who need them and do so at a reasonable price.  Our servers and network are stable, fast, and modern.  Collectively, we have decades of experience.  We value the security and confidentiality of your data.

Our staff

  • Nick Frederick: As a former LayeredTech Research & Development engineer Nick has a vast amount of knowledge and experience with multiple different Linux and Unix based operating systems as well as the systems and methods to deploy those systems effectively. He also formerly worked for Fastservers as a Server Support Engineer so when working on coding projects he has a large pool of systems administration knowledge to pull from. He has written automated server configuration scripts that work across multiple operating systems and versions as well as internal management software for better serving customers. He is always concerned about improving the customer experience and improving the lives of the people working support at the same time. Nick is a University of Northern Iowa graduate with a BS in Computer Science.
  • Tim “Flip” Hass: Tim previously worked for Fastservers (acquired by Layeredtech in 2008) and LayeredTech as a support engineer until the Fastservers support structure was discontinued in July of 2011. He has over 16 years of server administration and support experience and is extensively knowledgeable when it comes to server administration. Flip is a University of Northern Iowa graduate with BAs in both Russian and physics. In his spare time he likes to play sports, especially volleyball and tennis.
  • Chris Alman: Chris graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Network and System Administration. While working his way through school, he worked at a local hardware store, where he developed an appreciation for customer service. After graduation, he worked as a server support engineer for 2 years, honing his server administration skills and becoming an expert in many facets of system administration. Most recently he has worked as a network engineer for a local university. Chris’s career interests include server virtualization, networking, and network management.

Our datacenter

YottaServers’ datacenter is located in the Midwest and boasts some of the most innovative and technologically advanced implements anywhere! The datacenter itself is located in a secure area with low cost and reliable municipal utilities with an excellent service record. The building was engineered to withstand all extreme weather conditions including tornadoes, electrical storms, water-related issues and even intentional attacks.

The building is two stories with the servers located on the lower sub terrain floor. The power systems throughout the building are N+1 with redundant standby generations, UPS/power conditioning, switchgear and distribution buses all the way to the racks.

In addition to the hardware implements of the datacenter, security is optimized in every facet. Security in the data center and NOC areas are monitored and tested extensively 24/7. Access control is layered with access available only to pre-authorized personnel. Security systems include video surveillance, card and biometric access control systems and proximity/motion sensors. Fire protection is provided through dual FM-200 gas and VESDA early smoke detections systems (primary/secondary).

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